Future-fit leadership.

Leadership Programs

In today’s context of uncertainty, the way you lead yourself and others is more important than ever. That’s why we offer:

1. Future-Fit Leadership Program

The Future-Fit Leadership Program for leaders at all levels.

2. High Performance Team Program

The High Performance Team Program for management teams.

3. Future-Fit Retreat

The Future-Fit Retreat at the intersection of business & spirituality.

Our Sogeti Extended Management Team found the coaching very useful to strengthen our collective leadership and to expand our market success.

1. Future-Fit Leadership Program

An experiential, immersive and customised program to transform functional managers into Future-Fit Leaders at all levels of your organisation.

Highly personal

A 12-18 month program with highly personal personal coaching, professional intimate peer-to-peer coaching and proven Accountable Leadership workshops.


Tailor-made training and coaching to transform your functional managers into energetic leaders with the ability, courage and willingness to create a future-fit organisation.

Working with Edo has been a game changer for me. His exceptional level of empathy unlocked a level of self-reflection that is truly incredible.

2. High Performance Team Program

Building a resilient and responsive management team where team members can count on each other, unleash the team’s potential and create a future-fit organisation.

High performance team

Implement a high performance team system to boost breakthrough business transformation and rapid strategy execution.

Mindset and habits

Change mindset and habits that demonstrate and sustain new levels of trust, communication, meeting effectiveness, decision making, keeping agreements, resolving conflicts and celebrating successes.

Marco helped me find clarity, confidence and conviction. I highly recommend Marco as coach for any ambitious individual looking to achieve great things.

3. Future-Fit Retreat

Personal and group retreats for international entrepreneurs and business leaders at the intersection of business and spirituality. Aim for happiness in life, authenticity in leadership and success in business.

Ancient techniques

Experience ancient yoga, meditation and breathing techniques for modern business people. 

Spiritual business plan

Create your spiritual business plan for happiness in life, authenticity in leadership and success in business.

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