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Triple A People is a highly specialised coaching boutique for entrepreneurs, business leaders and their management teams who strive for happiness in life, authenticity in leadership and success in business.

Our home office is in the Netherlands. Our core markets are the Netherlands and the UK. We have our own leadership retreat center in Portugal. We work all over the world for our international clients.

Our favourite clients are scale ups, family businesses and private equity companies. Clients favour us because of our ‘tough love’ and ‘cut the crap’ way of coaching.

Tough love

We believe in tough love and result-oriented relationships with our clients.


Spirituality is a powerful management concept.


Successful strategy execution depends on the level of cross-functional accountability between future-fit leaders and their teams.


Culture is a critical business issue linked directly to business success.


Bringing your greatest talents to the world is the most spiritual work you can do.


We are all students; life is our teacher.

Our league of positive impact

Our members are leading experts in physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. From yoga, meditation, cold water therapy and breathwork, to sound healing, systemic work, inner child work, plant medicine and ayurvedic food.

Trust what you hear when you listen

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