Soar Together

Discover how the flight of geese inspires five leadership lessons that will transform the way you approach teamwork and leadership. Read on to soar to new heights as a team!

A flock of geese in flight shows a stunning display of teamwork and leadership. Let’s explore five compelling leadership lessons inspired by the graceful geese, providing valuable insights for members of any management team.

Lesson 1 – Fly in formation

Geese are known for flying in a distinctive V-formation. This formation isn’t just a matter of aesthetics; it serves a crucial purpose. Flying in this way reduces their collective energy consumption by a staggering 50%, allowing them to cover distances 71% further than if they flew alone.

Future-Fit Leaders go first. Based on the power of storytelling, they share the organisation’s ambitions, use vivid imagery, provide clear direction, and inspire everyone with a sense of purpose and contribution.

Lesson 2 – Flying together delivers more

When a goose ventures away from the formation, it immediately experiences the resistance of flying alone. Recognizing the value of unity, it quickly rejoins the formation to benefit from the uplifting force generated by the leading goose.

Future-Fit leaders reiterate the following high-performance mantra 7 to 21 times a day: ‘TEAM: Together Everyone Achieves More’.

Lesson 3 – Peak when you have to and rest when you can

Even the lead goose, when fatigued, relinquishes its position to another goose in the formation. This rotation ensures that each goose can perform at its best when needed.

Future-Fit Leaders encourage a culture where leadership is a not a job, but a role that all team members can and should fulfil to the best of their ability. 

Lesson 4 – Honk more

Geese in formation make “honking” sounds from behind, offering vocal encouragement to those in front to maintain the correct speed and direction.

Future Fit Leaders celebrate and communicate small successes on a daily basis. A supportive environment yields more sustainable results.

Lesson 5 – Support system

When a goose faces illness, injury, or danger, two geese from the formation descend to provide assistance and protection.

Future Fit Leaders promote mutual support within the team. Consider how you can collectively support colleagues who may be dealing with physical, mental, or emotional challenges that impact the team’s desired outcomes.


Incorporating these leadership lessons from geese can lead to a more cohesive and high-performing management team. By fostering a sense of shared purpose, teamwork, celebration and support, we can develop our Future-Fit Organisation.

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