Elephant in the MT-room

Discover the key to unlocking high-performance teamwork: Embrace vulnerability within your Management Team and witness the transformative power of open communication and genuine support.

Assuming that we originate from the animal kingdom, group behaviour is not unfamiliar to us. This means that we naturally avoid being the weakest link in the group and prefer not to display our vulnerabilities. After all, weaker members of a group can pose dangers to the group as a whole, and we instinctively strive to avoid such a situation.

At Triple A People, we recognise vulnerability as a foundational element of high-performance teamwork. Asking for and providing timely support consistently yields better results than merely maintaining a facade. We should refrain from engaging in losing battles, succumbing to pressure and forced optimism, or resorting to anxious micromanagement and excessive risk aversion.

Therefore, it is essential to embrace vulnerability within the Management Team. Future-fit leaders embrace vulnerability as an act of strength. They speak their minds, express their feelings and ask for what they need to excel.

Above all, future-fit leaders make ‘the elephant in the MT-room’ visible and explicit. They identify topics that should not be avoided. Without ignoring or denying the naked truth of the situation, blaming others for poor results or hiding behind being busy!

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