Future fit leadership

Unlock Your Future-Fit Leadership Potential

It’s one thing to provide executives, managers, supervisors with fundamental management skills to manage their respective functional areas or responsibilities. Yet, it is a completely different outcome when managers are transformed into business leaders, where their dedication and ability is to contribute to the improvement of the company as a whole.

Benefit from these qualities

When managers at every level are transformed into business leaders, they exhibit the following qualities:

Best for business

Behave and act in service to what is best for the business as a whole, rather than what is best for their functional area

minimise inefficiencies

Think strategically, anticipate breakdowns, and lead proactively to minimise inefficiencies and ineffectiveness

problem solving

Not only coordinate and share information cross-functionally, but also solve problems and make decisions considering the impact on other parts of the organisation


Hold direct reports accountable in support of achieving business outcomes and working as effective team players

Leadership program details

A 12-18 month leadership program, designed for managers at all levels of the organisation. 

Every quarter, each manager participates in:

  • 2 hours of highly personal coaching
  • 3 hours of intimate peer-to-peer coaching
  • 4 hours accountability training


1. Personal coaching

Human beings perform best and most sustainably when they move rhythmically between the expenditure of energy and the intermittent renewal of energy. We coach individual leaders to experience and adopt daily rituals and techniques to (re)fuel their physical, emotional, mental and spiritual batteries and stay resilient and future-fit in the daily rat race.

2. Peer-to-peer coaching

We coach leaders to set up a mutual support system to cultivate personal and cross-functional relationships. To keep each other out of ego-/victim- behaviour. To boost each other’s talent-behaviour. And to learn ‘from’ and ‘with’ each other how to deal with current and future leadership challenges.

3. Accountability training

Every three months we deliver a 4 hour Accountability workshop, loaded with practical techniques and tools on how to boost Personal Accountability, Team Accountability, Cross Team Accountability and Organisational Accountability.

Our favourite and proven workshops are:

  • Workshop 1 – The Power of Personal Accountability. How to get and keep yourself and your teammates out of the victim mode and into accountable behaviour.
  • Workshop 2 – Fundamentals of Accountable Leadership. How to contribute as a leader to a future-fit team and organisation.
  • Workshop 3 – Accountability based Performance Coaching. Techniques and tools to hold direct reports accountable in support of achieving business outcomes and working as effective team players.
  • Workshop 4 – High Performance Team. How to implement a High Performance Team System for rapid improvement in team relationships, team habits of execution and collective execution power on the desired outcomes of the team.
  • Workshop 5 – Future-Fit Culture. How to create an organisational culture where people and teams can count on each other to take actions aligned with the ambition and desired outcomes of the organisation.

Meet the coaches

The head coaches are Edo Noppert and Marco Scheele. Supported by several leading experts in physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

ASSESS your leadership

Invite us for a 1 day leadership assessment to get crystal clear what your leaders need to to raise their level of dedication, determination, endurance, persistence and stamina in the daily rat race?

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