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The High Performance Team Program for Leadership Teams guarantees measurable improvements in team relationships, team execution and achieving business deliverables.

Ineffective habit of execution

It is almost impossible to achieve strategic business results and effectively implement change when your leadership team is suffering from ineffective habits of execution, such as:


Making decisions without including the areas impacted by those decisions resulting in breakdown, mistrust and conflict


Treating everything as top priority leads to wasted resources, poor project execution, confusion and conflict


Not considering the affected areas when making decisions can cause breakdowns, mistrust, and conflict


Silo behaviour that results in a breakdown of trust, duplication of efforts, the right hand not knowing what the left hand is doing, poor coordination and ineffective delegation

Leadership Program details

The program leverages the leadership team’s key habits of collective execution, such as:

  • How to deal with non-performance of the team
  • How effectively information is shared (‘one voice communication’)
  • How decisions are made
  • How conflict is addressed and treated
  • How problems are surfaced and quickly resolved
  • How resources are shared
  • How support is asked and given
  • How progress is celebrated and communicated


PHASE 1 - Individual Accountability Assessment

All members of the Leadership Team are individually assessed, coached and contracted to fully participate in the program and to be 100% Accountable for ‘non-negotiable’ team success in the coming 12 months.

PHASE 2 - High Performance Team Retreat

The Leadership Team implements a High Performance Team System to boost high performance teamwork in the coming 12 months. The results of this 2.5day high-intensity offsite are:

  • A Bold, Brave and Breakthrough Leadership Team Ambition  (within twelve months) for rapid business and cultural transformation
  • Ready to execute Priority Project Sprints (within six months) with shared ownership of all leaders
  • 8-10 contracted Habits Of Execution to overcome external pressure and internal resistance and to achieve the Priority Project Sprints
  • Team Interaction Agreements to improve Team Relationships and mutual support
  • Weekly Accountable Meeting in place to track quick wins, to identify and overcome potential breakdowns at all the Priority Project Sprints

PHASE 3 – Follow Up Coaching Tracks

Every 6 weeks, the Leadership Team is coached and trained to grow their Individual- and Team Accountability, to keep on track on the agreed upon desired outcomes of all the Priority Project Sprints and to become Ambassadors of the Future Fit way of transformation and strategy execution. The 4 coaching tracks in a period of 6 months include:

  • 2 hour Future Fit Leadership Coaching of the individual team members to boost and sustain their spiritual, mental, emotional and physical energy levels
  • 3 hours of team building and Accountable Meeting to track progress and potential breakdowns on team development and all Priority Project Sprints
  • 4 hours Accountability training to develop a strong cross-functional Accountability culture

The last monthly coaching track will be used to close, measure and celebrate the Priority Project Sprints and to define a new set of Priority for the next 6 months. In this way, business transformation and strategy execution becomes a continuous way of working.

Meet the coaches

The head coaches are Edo Noppert and Marco Scheele. Supported by several leading experts in physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

Sparring session

Ready for a free of charge Leadership Team sparring session to check out your current and desired level of high performance teamwork?

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