A 5-day Spiritual MBA Retreat

including 6-month follow-up coaching

For brave entrepreneurs and executives.

Spiritual MBA retreat

A 5-day retreat in Portugal at the intersection of business & spirituality. Including 6 months of intensive follow-up coaching. For bold and brave entrepreneurs & business leaders who want to boost their happiness in life, authenticity in leadership and success in business (career).

Solo, or deeply connect with fellow Spiritual MBA students who are on the same path as you.

Future-Fit Leadership

Transform yourself into a future-fit leader. Physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually energized. To enable your organization, your team and yourself to better succeed in a constantly changing market. By responding quickly (and gracefully) to change and evolving customer demands, adapting during times of crisis, and enjoying a competitive advantage by better navigating the unpredictable business world.

Your Spiritual MBA

The Spiritual MBA is designed for high achieving individuals who want to invest in authentic living and leadership. It provides a holistic, nourishing approach for entrepreneurs and leaders to get closer to themselves, towards a richer, more meaningful life and business. We offer an expertly curated program with life changing learning experiences and ongoing coaching and mentoring. With qualified teachers and coaches to guide you through the multiple evolutions you will go through. And 6-8 incredible hand-selected peers will be a huge part of your journey supporting you to make the long-lasting changes that will support the growth of your business.

You can purchase your Spiritual MBA in three ways. You can do your Spiritual MBA retreat both Solo. and deeply connected with peers who are on the same path as you.

Data Group Retreat:
September 16-20
September 23 to 27
September 30 to October 4
Dates Solo Retreat:
On demand

The Spiritual MBA Program

Sneak Preview of the 5-day Portugal Retreat

Our Spiritual MBA retreat location is Quinta do Mirante www.quintadomirante.com.

A great place for entrepreneurs and C-level leaders who crave a deeper connection between spirituality and business.

Day 1: Soft landing

Arrive and settle in before dinner

Engage in an introduction and bonding ritual

Time for personal contemplation, rest, and rejuvenation

Day 2-4: Experience

Start your mornings with invigorating Kriya sessions of yoga and meditation

Embark on a journey of Spiritual MBA planning, refining your life, leadership, and business strategies for the future

Participate in a Breathwork Intensive to unlock your full potential

Enjoy ample time for reflection, relaxation, and replenishment

Support circle: sharing experiences with fellow group members

Portugal experience: nature walks and dinner in picturesque villages

Departure day 5: Culmination

Begin your day with another energizing Kriya session

Continue your Spiritual MBA planning journey, integrating insights and refining strategies

Conclude with a powerful closing ritual, sealing your experience with intention and gratitude

Depart after a final lunch, carrying the wisdom and transformation of the retreat back into your life and work

Certified in yoga, meditation, breathwork, systemic constellations, human design, trauma release, shamanism and psychedelics.

Meet Max Brouwer, Edo Noppert, Marco Scheele and Auke Schotanus. Proven strategy- and business consultants, passionate entrepreneurs and international leadership coaches. Certified in yoga, meditation, breathwork, systemic constellations, human design, trauma release, shamanism and psychedelics.

During the Portugal Retreat you will meet the team and together we will determine which Spiritual MBA coach you would like to go through the 6 months of follow-up coaching with.

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