Are you and your business
thriving in these turbulent times?

Ready for bold actions and breakthrough results?

Future-fit your leadership
at the intersection of
business & spirituality!

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Triple A People awakens Future-Fit Leadership.

We support bold, brave and breakthrough family entrepreneurs and leaders to grow and sustain their business in turbulent times.

Write the next chapter​ of your company’s success. By boosting leaders at all levels of your organization.

Entrepeneurs and Leaders Coached

Entrepreneurs and business leaders received highly exclusive coaching on improving their physical, emotional, mental and spiritual fitness.

Executive Team / C-Level​
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C-Level executives received tough love and outcome-driven coaching for leading in turbulent times.

General management
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General Management was coached on proven and practical techniques for rapid strategy implementation.

Our bespoke programs maximise outcomes

In today’s context of uncertainty, the way you lead yourself and others is more important than ever. Join our highly specialised and bespoke leadership programs.

Future-Fit Leadership Program

An experiential, immersive and customized program to transform functional managers into Future Fit Leaders at all levels of your organization.

High Performance Team Program

Building a resilient and responsive management team where team members can count on each other, unleash the team’s potential and create a Future Fit organization.

Future-Fit Retreat

Personal and group retreats for international entrepreneurs and business leaders at the intersection of business and spirituality. Aiming for happiness in life, authenticity in leadership and success in business.

Accountable leadership

Our Dutch-language bestseller about personal-, team-, cross team- and organisational accountability.

Coming soon: our new, enriched Accountable Leadership book in English.

Tough love

We believe in tough love and result-oriented relationships with our clients.


Spirituality is a powerful management concept.


Successful strategy execution depends on the level of cross-functional accountability between future-fit leaders and their teams.


Culture is a critical business issue linked directly to business success.


Bringing your greatest talents to the world is the most spiritual work you can do.


We are all students; life is our teacher.

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