Marco Scheele

Experienced management team and leadership trainer and executive coach.

‘The way you relate to the issue, is the issue’

My spiritual goal is to live an adventurous, simple and playful life, because life can be too serious at times.

I have twenty-five years’ experience in various roles such as management trainer, executive (team)coach and commercial/strategy consultant. And I am also an inspiring keynote speaker, author of leadership books and certified Kundalini Yoga specialist.

My motto, “The way you relate to the issue, is the issue’, is playing a central role in guiding entrepreneurs, business leaders and their management teams. Because life’s curveballs are not negotiable. Good and bad things come and go, usually unexpected and uninvited. The art of living is to absorb them, learn from them and also anticipate on how you (intentionally) want to deal with them in your personal and professional life.

Clients compliment me for a no ‘bull-sh*t’, straight talking, cut through and multi-faceted approach that makes them aware of the truth of the situation and motivates them to take bold actions for more happiness in life, authenticity in leadership and success in business.

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