Don’t swim against the current

Life cannot be engineered; it’s about engaging with life, not the other way around. Accepting the unpredictability of continuous change is essential for effective leadership.

Swimming Against the Current: Embracing Life’s Unpredictability

One crucial lesson to remember is that life cannot be engineered; rather, it’s about engaging with life, not the other way around. Our surroundings are in a constant state of flux, and we must adapt to these changes, whether we embrace them willingly or not.

Let Go of the Illusion of Control

As an entrepreneur or business leader, it’s essential to abandon the notion of gaining complete control over the ever-evolving business landscape. The idea of meticulously planning and managing every change has become obsolete. We must accept this fact.

The struggle we, as human beings, face when dealing with continuous change is rooted in our cognitive need for control. Our minds seek stability and dominance, prompting us to try to halt change, encapsulate it, mold it into a set form, and categorize it. We do this to make change tangible and controllable. But we can’t.

Navigating the Torrent of Change

Events like the recent upheaval caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, war and economic crises are forces beyond an organisation’s influence. Attempting to control these events can lead entrepreneurs, CEO’s and their managers to focus excessively on strategic planning, process optimization, restructuring and cost-cutting. But let’s be honest, these traditional MBA interventions often don’t work anymore in today’s turbulent environment.

In contrast, the essence of future-fit leadership, when viewed from the perspective of “Panta rhei” (everything flows), lies in reading the ever-shifting environment with an open mind and a neutral stance. It involves observing the natural course of events and allowing the organization to move with agility, grace, devoid of judgments and emotions. Think of it as navigating turbulent waters in a canoe.

When Effortlessness Signals Alignment

A straightforward way to assess alignment with your environment, whether as an individual, team or an organisation, is to check the level of effortlessness. If a task or a relationship feels like a constant struggle, it’s a sign that you might be “swimming against the natural flow.” Instead of pushing forward with sheer willpower, it’s wise to step back, objectively observe the situation and go with the flow.

Approaching business, interpersonal connections, and personal challenges with an open-minded and neutral perspective may not be easy, but it’s a skill that can be mastered. One technique that can help you to successfully deal with challenging situations in life, leadership and business is the ‘OK & NOW’ technique. The future-fit leaders we coach use it all the time, benefit and have fun with it.

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