‘The way you relate to the issue, is the issue’

You can call me a traveler. I am a student of Atheism, Darwinism, Buddhism and I do my best to live like a Kundalini Yogi. My goal is to live an ambitious, simple and jazzy life and to have fun, because life can be too serious at times.

I am an experienced leadership trainer and executive coach for 20 years, but also an inspiring keynote speaker and author. In my book ‘Accountable Leiderschap’ and in guiding my leadership coaches, the motto “The way you relate to the issue, is the issue’, is playing a central role. Accept and don’t spill energy on what you can’t control, and use all your energy to take action towards your desired outcome.

Because life’s curveballs are not negotiable. Good and bad things come and go, usually unexpected and uninvited. The art of living is to absorb them, learn from them and also anticipate on how you (intentionally) want to deal with them in your personal and professional life.

Working with Edo is always inspiring to me. He looks big and strong. But deep inside he is friendly, caring and supportive. When chaos ensues, Edo stays calm and always inspires and motivates. He has a well-developed intuition and a laser focus on human behavior and culture in teams and organizations.

We’re only human