Boost collective leadership

If your organization is preparing for organizational change, transformation, merger or growth spurt, powerful collective leadership is a key ingredient for success.

That is why we created the Leadership Expedition: a leadership boosting course of 12-18 months that will impact leadership at all levels, and successfully navigate your organization through the change.
Your executive and middle management will be challenged to grow into leaders and change agents. Working in silo’s is a thing of the past, and the focus will be on cross-team collaboration. Informal leaders will be inspired to enable change on the floor. And your future leaders will become the rebels that will finally break through old and institutionalized patterns.

Accountable Leadership

The Expedition program is built on the international approved Accountability methodology and consists of monthly classroom sessions, enabling leaders at all levels to unite and be more aligned.

Triple A Coaches will also weekly be present on the work floor (Leadership Coaching Cave) to support individual leaders and resolve issues within or across the teams. This will ensure that your leaders are staying energized while going through organizational change and turbulent times.

Finally, the Leadership Expedition will have a fast return on investment. We can guarantee this because while the team is learning, they are also focusing on specific assignments to boost organizational change, corporate culture and business success.


Accept the challenge

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