Building an energetic life and leadership style

During our lives we develop automatic behavioral patterns to deal with problems and stress. These patterns have served us well in the past, but they may present potential problems in a new work or life situation. This may limit your personal growth and future success.

That is why we offer Leadership Coaching. It is focused on breaking these patterns that limit your success, and we will guide you to adopt new patterns that will contribute to a successful life and leadership style.

You will follow these steps with your Triple A Coach:


You determine the gap between current and your most desired leadership performance.


You select the behavioral patterns you would like to discard and adopt and you take action to improve your leadership performance and results.


You perform daily energy rituals (see below) for sustainable high performance in life and


Behavioral changes require courage, commitment, discipline, endurance and persistence. You can count on our dedicated support with live and e-coaching. If needed, you can receive a daily motivational call (5-minute coaching), or a regular digital reminder or assignment. We can meet each other monthly during a ‘tough love’ coaching session. Finally, we will create a support team with people in your personal and professional environment that can provide you with solicited (and unsolicited) feedback.

“Recklessly authentic: that is my core value. Marco has helped me (and still is) with the definition and retention of this core value. Understanding and experiencing your own core value is a prerequisite for leadership in my opinion. Marco has been invaluable to me in this process.“

PARKIUS | CCO Ad Walraven

“Edo taught me to be connected with myself in my personal and work life. The coaching has transformed me into a leader that is valued by my team, someone that can give clear direction and boundaries, in contrast to micro-management. My team has never been this strong and happy, and I experience a calmness and balance in both my work and personal lives. Edo’s approach is very amicable, he is a calm and wise teacher.“


“Marco has always approached me warmly, without bias and openly during all our coaching sessions, that is something I appreciate. At the same time, he doesn’t shy away from the issue and is straight to the point. Marco digs deep and he digs fast. This translates into pragmatic and valuable insights.“

RB2 | CHIEF PEOPLE OFFICER Mark van der Ploeg

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