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During times of change, reorganization and growth you need leaders that are fit to perform, but the daily rat race coupled with resistance from team members can quickly deplete the batteries of your leaders. To prevent personal breakdowns of leaders that could damage your organizations and teams, Triple A People will create a dedicated coaching facility where individual leaders can come to recharge, reclaim their energy and continue on their journey. All of this in your office!

When your leaders may need it most, Triple A People will be available during specified times in the week at the Leadership Coaching Cave. Leaders can walk in to share their daily struggles and brainstorm solutions. If needed we can also expand the Cave with other colleagues that can address stress-related problems, give advice on healthy eating habits or provide rest for body and mind with business yoga.

The Leadership Coaching Cave enables peak performance of your leaders when it matters most, and gives them endurance to persist in longer periods of transformation.


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