Helping companies to find the best people for executive positions.

Changes in key leadership positions have impact on the natural balance of your organization. Triple A People provides support in these difficult times to ensure a smooth transition.

Executive leader services
The celebrated leader from yesterday might not be relevant for today. The way an executive is leaving the organization has an impact on those who stay behind, especially on their energy levels and their performance. We can assist to orchestrate a respectful departure with the best possible outcome. This will empower the organization to embrace new leadership and enable the departing leader to continue his/her path with pride and self-confidence.

Executive screening services
Past behavior is usually a good indicator of future behavior. Upon your request we will analyze the career development and personality of your candidate. We will determine what he or she needs most to perform at their highest level. As an organization you will receive an indication if this candidate is a good match for you. We can also provide additional support to increase the chances of success, for example with our ‘first hundred days leadership’ coaching.


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