‘Trust what you hear when you listen’

Since my childhood I have been in awe of the “grownup world”. It seemed that people are acting out a play on a stage. As I grew older I discovered that “playing along” was the path of least resistance. But I also discovered that in following this path, I can lose my purity, my drive and my energy. Today I always have a little voice in my head that questions: “why”?

In my search for the meaning of things, people and life I discovered my fascination for nature. Nature has a way of restoring balance in even the direst circumstances. It also forms the trusted foundation under everything we do at Triple A people. My personal motto and my starting point for every interaction is: “Trust what you hear when you listen”.

I have twenty years’ experience in various roles such as interim manager, coach and advisor. I have had the privilege of coaching many teams and organizations to a healthier, more sustainable existence. This always raises my energy and my purpose in life.

Working with Marco is a delight. He has the talent for making the complex simple. His strengths are forging warm relationship with leaders and teams, and acting as a mirror (awareness). Subsequently he challenges people to enable a change in behavior (accountability) and he doesn’t stop until the result is sustainable and resilient (agile). This is where the three A’s come from in the name Triple A People.

We’re only human